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Project location               Chiangmai , Thailand

Building Type                   Renovate, Hotel & Retail Space

Completion Year              2019

Gross Built Area              220 sq.m.

Contractor                        Sher Maker’s builder team

Photo credits                   Rungkit Charoenwat          

Press and Publish

The way of living is the most conscious point in this renovation project. Owner of this project have their own strong perspective of ambient of this space, they really know what they want so the simple thing architect do is arrange all requirement and link it together.

Ordinary elements like white plaster walls were located on the front of existing building as a new boundary with local wood-frame structure inside to extend the area of café and link people to upper floor shop with all used appliances that relate with personal experience of the owner.

With this design language, we avoided using too much neat material as we can found this kind of imperfect clue in real life and also in real human dwell space.

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