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Project location                Bangkok , Thailand

Building Type                    Pop-up Exhibition

Completion Year               2022

Gross Built Area                70 sq.m.

Lead Architect                  Patcharada Inplang

                                           Thongchai Chansamak
                                              Nat Tangchonlatip 

Structure Engineer          Thunyawat Chaichompoo

Contractor                         Paper Dance studio

Photo credits                    Rungkit charoenwat

Cinematography              Pordee Studio


KINTO is a Japanese brand of tableware and coffee equipment known for its beautifully designed, yet simple and functional products. These items seamlessly fit into everyday life and can be used in various settings. In 2023, KINTO Thailand plans to create a temporary pop-up sales space at The Circle Ratchapruek project. Rather than being inside a building, the pop-up space will be situated in the middle of a landscape garden, which is a defining context of this project.


The Circle Ratchaphruek is an outdoor community mall located in a residential area that caters to families with activities such as pet-friendly gardens, yoga, and special classes. Originally, the area was a place for people to relax while walking their pets or waiting for their children to finish activities. We intends to design the pop-up space to be friendly to existing customers and not disrupt their usage habits. The building will be similar in height to a bench, designed to fit into the landscape while maintaining outdoor furniture. The building will feature numerous openings for sitting, relaxing, and showcasing products, and it will be accessible from multiple directions from the original circulation line of the area. The building's shape and position of opening will evade depend the  will alternate accordingly the original tree position. It can turn to be multi- activity spaces in upcoming future.


Because this pop-up space is a temporary structure, its exterior shell will be basicly painted in white. This shell can be painted over or use as a display or mapping wall art. Inside wall material is normal asia plywood clad over with waterproofing that we intend to use ordinary materials that are often overlooked but possess and reveal interesting textures, which we will highlight to add interest to the space.

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