Sher Maker is Patcharada  Inplang,Thongchai  Chansamak
and their builder team.    Architect and maker working based in Chiang Mai Thailand.   They are interested in craft method, local material and working process of all design realm.  

Thongchai is a principle of Browbike - Bamboo bicycle maker
Patcharada is a co-founder of Dibdee Binder - Hand binding and paperwork studio in Chiangmai, Thailand
Both of us working based on personal attention and self-discipline.


We focus on design relevant program, architecture technique and spatial technology as related to specific context, construction method, local material and wisdom also

We are local maker that working in varying scales of design realm, Our team is multi-disciplinary studio co-working of architect ,  designer  and local craftsman  ,that  all unit keep refining and use design method to one of self potential development