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Project location               Chiangmai , Thailand

Building Type                   Installation & Landscape Project

Completion Year              2019

Gross Built Area              270 sq.m.

Contractor                        Sher Maker’s builder team

Photo credits                   Chaiyaporn Sodabunlu              

Press and Publish

The 270 square meter enclosed garden area is builted by using temporary structures to be inserted into the existing site context where the original trees are scattered. By relying on the land as part of a new garden and being part of the structural work by itself.

The ceiling is designed to use a translucent polycarbonate sheet to  be airy flow that allows light and air to pass through. So the tree can grow normally. But at the same time, the ceiling sheet bring the reflected light to the translucent material to create an atmosphere in the area at various times.


Both the image and the light contrast clearly from the entrance, which was designed to be a dark room with limited visibility. To create a walking experience when walking into the garden and creating an order to access the main area In the entrance hall, there will be a temporary exhibition from artist show in this space.

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