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Collaboration with sawadesign - Borderless Exhibition

Boonma is renovation project base on cafe program, that site set up on massive local landscape with a 6 metres high of existiong building and limied access distance. This project was designed follow intension of how to offer a new experience of approach of architectural access and how we use simply element to glow up the existing environment than use a new design language - The thing that we do is just insert a simple element like plastic curtain in between existing building and landscape in the real site ,so the final narrative try to show that kind of layering relationship of this sequences  of access. 

we paticipate in "Borderless" Exhibition that show young architects /start-up architectural offices in the Southeast Asia region to express their statement by the project was selected come from 10 country around southeast Asia. Boonma is one of this selected project.

The narrative model that show the relationship of all distance on real site to show only spatial essential of this project. Made from steel,mirror, and silicone plastic for make a curtain.

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