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for expand the realm of laminate.

In Thailand architect expo 2022, there will be collaboration between architects and building suppliers. One of the materials we are interested to working with is EDL laminates, which come in a variety of material profiles that we have idea to developed for use in upcoming construction projects. Sher Maker and EDL collaborate to design thematic pavilion together, a pavilion that allows designers to experiment and offer a statement of materials in a wider realm of perspectives.


We have a strong purpose to use each profile in each part of pavilion. Each part needs to push up the potential of each laminate profile. First the thinnest laminated profiles are stretched and transformed into overhead architectural elements such as ceilings that allow light to penetrate instead. A thickness laminate profile is cut to make loose furniture that can reassembled bench so people can hand on and try to making a furniture by themselves. A final profile sheet makes wall system that defining enclose space for pavilion, The light wood frame structure that slot a bend sheet fit inside make calm and private space for people can rest between the fair.


That main wall is related to another statement that we want to create space without the waste of material, especially waste from the fair that is temporary show. The language of the wooden frame wall system that is imitate from the shipping wood crate that supplier use for logistic system. We imitate and simplify the crate order to be wall system that we can fit the bend sheet of laminate inside without remove of surface film. This design allows 100% reusability sheet without damage. All wooden frame wall structure also can turn into 100% use for real shipping carte in upcoming project.  That all statement we do in thematic pavilion with laminate material in architect expo this year. Another realm of material profile in process of developing in upcoming project.

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