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Project location               Chiangmai , Thailand

Building Type                   Cafe & Restaurant

Completion Year              2018

Gross Built Area               220 sq.m.

Contractor                        Sher Maker’s builder team

Photo credits                   Chaiyaporn Sodabunlu             


Press and Publish

Lan Din is a tiny cafe settle in a peaceful community in Chiangmai, Thailand consist of a cafe, restaurant, and much tiny building. Surrounding with the natural local landscape.

Design purpose is co-operating with the local construction team to develop low-cost construction price as client assignment with basic steel structure and wall system as they familiar to work.  The structure and building form come from industrial material sizing module (Steel length), Pillar spacing come from wall sheet sizing avoid cutting to pieces. And sizing of window and door also.

The context of site surrounding with an existing humble landscape scene, So we design to position the building to surround the original tree and serve the area as a backdrop building.   For this reason, we want to push cafe function to touch natural air and light a much as possible, Then we arrange the seat area to the outdoor terrace more than 50 %. Link indoor cafe with many windows and decide to use Poly-carbonate sheet to let the light come inside. And make people outside can touch inside's environment, too

We try to challenge our design to use basic industrial material and local craftsmen to make a low cost but interesting building scene.

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