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Project location                Chiangmai , Thailand

Building Type                    Showroom

Completion Year               2022

Gross Built Area                245 sq.m.

Lead Architect                  Patcharada Inplang

                                           Thongchai Chansamak
                                             Akapan Kanyen

Design consultant           Ratthee Phaisanchotsiri

Contractor                        Seksan Saksri

Wooden Prefabricator     Kampanat Inprom

                                           SAI NWE SAI KHAM

Photo credits                   Ratthee Phaisanchotsiri     

                                          Nontarat Hasitapong    

Press and Publish

“A tribute of sincere respect to Northern craftsman”

Back In Chiangmai design week 2019 is was first collaboration between Sher Maker and Moonler, a Chamchuri furniture factory that requires a pavilion space to showcase their product. To translate the meaning of raw material like Chamchuri tree through furniture by craftsmanship skill, The pavilion design forms a plain box that exhibits only one Chamchuri bench direct visitor eye up in the opening void above the roof to the tree. With that idealistic scape relate directly to showroom nowadays.


The Northern part of Thailand is home of highly skilled wood artisans. Moonler is a specialist of design and produces furniture from Chamchuri wood, this material always turns out to be short-use furniture with underestimated value but they spend their time and resource to research and develop material management to appear the essential hide behind this material.  All processes are based in the local area of Doi saket district Chiangmai, Thailand.


We design with two intentions, first is how to blend this architectural ambience with the rural landscape environment that embraces this factory. With a simple gable form of a long showroom connected with the entrance court and link to the rice field terrace. Entrance court uses pavilion language to adapt into this space again. Overall architecture was built from normal material and technique that the builder team can reach.


Another intention is designing a significant element for tribute to the craftsman in this factory. All wooden column and beam weaving in this space are used to define a space and appear essential to chamchuri wood by technique and skill of craftsmen at the same time.  All finishing and joinery are based on the making method of Moonler’s furniture. This basic architectural element inserts into this space for the powerful silence as Moonler’s philosophy.

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