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Project location               Chiangmai , Thailand

Building Type                   Private Rescidence

Completion Year              2019

Gross Built Area              350 sq.m.
Contractor                        idea studio 25

Photo credits                   Chaiyaporn Sodabunlu                

2 House is a private residence located link with the main family house but a different generation.

house area was separate to 3 part, landscape corridor link old and new house together and can share garden space for outdoor activity, A living area in the middle hall of house compact living, dining, kitchen, and service function together, Final area upstair is the most private zone combine 2 bedrooms with private space.

All design element was simplified to simple geometry form and monotone color, the Main color is Black color and dark material on the first floor to decrease light and makes all house look imposing, all structure turn to be the same language of all house element and be decoration by itself.

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