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Project location               Bangkok , Thailand

Building Type                   Installation, Bangkok design week 2018
Collaboration                    ease embroidery

Completion Year              2018

Gross Built Area               30 sq.m.

Photo credits                   ease studio

ease studio

Structure design and develop for ease studio to hang up the embroidery shading installation set up for Bangkok design week 2019.

A simply red repeat structure through a narrow sub-street that links a multi-culture and religion neighborhood area of the Charoen Krung district.
Cladding with translucent fabric from Supreme Shading Net for light can come through.

Collaborate with ease studio under the interpretation of western and eastern culture to use rose to represent Holy Rosary Church and Peonies to represent the Chinese community and structure also simplify from the walkway of Asian religious form and atmosphere.

Installation use for a public cover shade and let people participate by also can grab some flower for the special occasion like Chinese new year and valentine.

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