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Project location                Chiangmai , Thailand

Building Type                    Studio & Working space

Completion Year               2022

Gross Built Area                200 sq.m.

Lead Architect                  Patcharada Inplang

                                           Thongchai Chansamak
                                             Akapan Kanyen

Material research             Akapan Kanyen

                                           Warat phansanesri

Pavillion designer            Paveen sriboon

Contractor                        Sher Maker builder team

Photo credits                   Rungkit Charoenwat          

Press and Publish

Long goy (n.) Lanna street fashion house, base in Chiangmai, Thailnad

Long goy means try it in the northern dialect, which in addition to conveying the technique of the brand that has developed from Lanna culture roots through the form of modern fashion sense It also indicates the courage to always experiment the new things.

Long goy Studio is a space to support the entire design work. Operation and production trial as well. The design of the building is a long house with a long parallel to the the original house and courtyard area. The proportion and location of the building is similar to the original Northern rice barn that was demolished from this area. and re-assemble into the garden pavilion behind the building again.

The sewing workshop is the majority of the building. We wanted to create a high atrium where air could circulate during working hours. The entire building and interior spaces made up of basic materials such as steel structures and glass openings that allow natural light to enter from the north side of the building. But when turning to the building on the outside, the overlap solid façade designed for protect the workspace from the southern sun during the day. The smart board façade will be painted with blue wood stain and divided by hardwood with blue-red dyed in each side. It is similar to sewing clothes by deliberately flipping the seams. and draws on the 2-sided pleating technique to make a different perception on each side of the building.


All structures is steel and smart board that can normally founded in local construction shop. This is a material is basic and not expensive when need to use in large quantities.

At the end of the building is the studio and exhibition hall area. That penetrates to the backyard and the workshop area. Therefore, this LONG HOUSE building, if you look carefully, is a building that is formed with materials and basic techniques. Create light internal workspaces to circulate working flow. But do it with a way of thinking that dares to try things. Both the brand's clothes and the architecture as well.

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