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Project location               Chiangmai , Thailand

Building Type                    Home and Studio

Completion Year              2021

Gross Built Area               260 sq.m.
Design Team                    Thongchai Chansamak

Contractor                        Sher Maker’s builder team  

Photo credits                   Rungkit Charoenwat              


Press and Publish

Home is a built environment that design literal for grow together with people that home belongs to.  Therefore, it can be used to say “people grow the home” than just built it.

This two storey house consist of 260 sq.m. of use area, Body of this house dispersed along the length of the land. Front side along with small village road, back side along with existing tree and rice field. Land slope make we approach from the upper floor consist of main function like bedroom, kitchen hall, living room and a long wooden terrace that link every function together. Lower floor is concrete wall sunken in to land slope consist of storage and music studio. From the fornt elevation side we can see relationship of slope and transition level of house from roof to lower floor. Main material that intimates with people sensation be wooden element, that found and treated from a used wood in local area. Another material use is normal traditional lanna tile can find in northern of Thailand. Some clue of imperfection showing by the way local builder team use this sort of material.

For this house we have a intension to make the most easy system of construction method that local builder team can carry it with normal usage, No need to do Hi-craft, Just simply build method that they easy to understand. Some part they also have the power to make decision together with the owner, that why can say “home and people is growing together”

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