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Project location                Chiang mai , Thailand

Building Type                    Pavilion

Completion Year               2023

Gross Built Area                200 sq.m.

Lead Architect                  Patcharada Inplang

                                           Thongchai Chansamak                                           

Fiberglass team                Wachira Pakkla

                                           Thanapong Liwyodsingkorn

Fabtication team              Akapan Kanyen

                                           Sirilanna siripen
                                           Wachira Pakla
                                           Patthaporn Phuangmalai
                                           Thanapong Liwyodsingkorn
                                           Putipong Upatum

Photo credits                    Rungkit charoenwat

Cinematography              Pordee Studio


How to perform site atmosphere thought material making in one action.

This covering of hanging light panel is in RAMA9 public park, a main pavilion of ASA Lanna 2023 Event, The gathering activity of Association of Siamese Architects.  This year, Sher maker respond to design a main pavilion for multipurpose activity underneath this space.
Main methodology and tectonic come from the site character, with set up in the park that full of greenery ground and trees, we want to touch the site lightly as much as possible, but at the same time we want to design roof covering for space that relate with the ground and natural surface in this park, too.
We design and make a hanging fiberglass sheet that cast from the earther formwork for get randomly sheet’s form that will be translucent for catching the ambience of site in our studio workshop. After that we install this sheet on light structure, a sling and pole structure hammered into the ground instead of pouring piers to avoid of wet process of construction.

The color of temperature, lighting and atmosphere is a part of the covering material, with lay down on the earthen ground underneath this non-boundary space.

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