elevation 1-1.jpg

Narrative and construction record of wood and mountain project

Narrative portray of wood and mountain cabin, a collage of the middle of nowhere ambience show wooden wall side of the building and record of construction process picture capture from people relate with this building.

The Light Trap 1.jpg

Narrative of the light trap project

A small pop-up cafe settle on parking ground of Lamai hotel, Chaingmai, Thailand - Use of basic geometry order system to make a limited condition of space look extraordinary and useable for public.


Narrative of Boonma & Collaboration Exhibition

Borderless Exhibition by sawadeesign in Vietnam

Boonma is project that talking about how to glow up with the existing environment nor than do a new design - The thing that we do is just insert a simple element like plastic curtain in between building and landscape in the site , The Final narrative try to show that kind of relationship. 

With Invitation from sawadeesign , and architect firm in Vietnam

we paticipate in "Borderless" Exhibition that show young architects /start-up architectural offices in the Southeast Asia region to express their statement.

The model that show peal all distract thing to show only spatial essential of this project.



Teerapoj Teeropas x Sher Maker

TCDC Chaing Mai  collarboration project 2020 between Teerapoj Teeropas, 

Sher Maker and Gerrard Collection in Chiangmai Design week. Design with simply conversation between steel and bamboo.