Project location                Chiangmai, Thailand

Building Type                    Restaurant

Completion Year               2018

Gross Built Area               250  sq.m.
Contractor                         Sher Maker’s builder team

Photo credits                    Chaiyaporn Sodabunlu             

Press and Publish 

Sripayong is a family restaurant renovation project that transforms the business from the previous generation too the young generation. The basic need to re-branding the business along with the building also.

The original area of ​​the restaurant is a non-regularity of the structure system. With a relatively exposed open field and vast space. Many function mix together without nice management planning.
The first idea, we think of how to create a new building that connects to the original kitchen by communicating the extent of the restaurant space by set new borderline.

We design the boundary system to use the elements of the battens wall were lift up floating above the ground. This wall uses to limit the point of view and filter sunlight. , But in the meantime, building users can still see throughout from inside. Walls need to be restaurant boundary, but they must not make users uncomfortable at the same time.  
Dark colors choose to create a shading gradient level of light and shadow from outside to inside. To solve the problem of glare light from the external concrete floor. And make inside shady and cool.
The main material of the work is a steel frame, which is used for lift both a roof and a lathe suspended above the floor, metal sheet and strips of old stained wood.  All are easy to find material with the normal market price, We want to save cost for the owner and we want to mix just basic material and simple idea to be a new interesting building.