Project location          :    Chiangmai , Thailand

Building Type              :    Library

Completion Year         :    2018

Gross Built Area         :    75  sq.m.

Photo credits              :    Chaiyaporn Sodabunlu             

Press and Publish 

The project starts with try to put the reading program in the local community area between a group of a commercial building for business and investment purposes.   With the simple idea to built a building under budget constraints.


With that condition, we use a local builder team to make a simple steel structure cladding with translucent wall and roof mix with wooden swing window to give a mixed atmosphere of natural material and industrial material together.


The interior is designed as a compact.  The mezzanine designed for more useful space and build a small partition for a private group meeting room, we make a public library that merges the working area with an area for rest and relaxation together.  Make an attractive space with a colorful, playful floor, various plants, and simple decoration.

The image of the building is attractive for people to use the building. Change the boring image to the colorful library.