SELVAGE   D17/20

Project location          :    Chiangmai , Thailand

Building Type              :    Worshop & Exhibition

Completion Year         :    2018

Product Type               :    Ceramic Vases

Photo credits               :    Chaiyaporn Sodabunlu              

Press and Publish 

D17/20 is a collaborative project involving designers from South East Asia and French designers to highlight daily lifestyle and craft products.
This Global exhibition with all the SEA countries involved will be presented in France at Lilledesign2020.


With collaborate with Prempracha, Ceramic entrepreneur in Chiangmai, We developed selvage collection follow 2 concepts.

The shape of the vase and the order of the height come from the language of Thai architecture that is commonly seen in Thailand, applied to the shape as a home decoration object.


The selvage of vase that shows the trace of the seam is one of the characteristics of the ceramic casting process.  We want to push this process to show in the final product that normally has to waste time to take off the selvage, and spend time and labour on this process, But we want to turn this to be a distinctive point of this collection.